BBM מקבלת עדכון עם שיפורים בשיתופי תמונות ווידאו עדכון מסך הצ'אטים ועוד

BBM הוציאה הודעה לתקושרת לגבי עדכון חדש שעתיד להגיע מחר ה 10.1. לפי ההודעה לתקשורת בעדכון הקרוב יהיו שיפורים גם לאנדרואיד וגם ל iOS.

בין השיפורים גם נושא שיתוף וידאו ותמונות בקבוצות, כאשר מעכשיו אפשר לשמור או למחוק את התמונות שאתם מקבלים בשיחות. שיתוף נחמד נוסף הוא אפשרות לבצע עריכה ל PIN האישי שלכם למקרה והחלטתם שבא לכם כינוי חדש.

לאוהבי הרקעים נוסף רקע שחור, שיחסוך לכם בסוללה. ב BBM אף מציינים כי הם ניקו את מסכי האפליקציה וכעת הם נקיים יותר ממידע שאינו חשוב באותם מסכים.

כנו ל Play Store כדי לעדכן את BBM לאנדרואיד ו ל App Store כדי לעדכן למכשירי האייפון שלכם.



Latest BBM Messenger Offers Editable Custom PINs, Improved Photo and Video Sharing, Refined Chat Screen, and More!

We’ve been working hard over the holidays to get you a fresh start for 2018! The latest versions of BBM Messenger are now available in Google Play and the App Store. Update today to get all the improvements in photo and video sharing, refinements to the chat screen look and feel, the ability to edit your Custom PIN, and lots more. Read on for all the details.

Editable Custom PIN

Now when you create a Custom PIN, you can change it—as often as you like! Just go to your Me tab or Profile to access the feature. After you choose a new PIN, BBM Messenger will create a new feed post for you so you can tell your contacts. Keep in mind that PINs are unique, so you can only choose a new one that no one else is using, and your old Custom PIN will become available to others as soon as you get a new one.

Photo and Video Sharing

Get the Highest-Possible Resolution

Say goodbye to low-resolution photos and videos! Now, all the images and videos you send and receive in BBM Messenger will automatically be transmitted in their highest-possible resolution.

Options to Save, Set as Backdrop or Delete

Now you can preview videos, see photos in landscape or portrait format, and add captions inside your BBM Messenger chats. In the photo viewer for both one-to-one and multi-person chats, we’ve also added a menu that lets you save the picture, set as your BBM profile picture, or delete to save space on your phone.

Commenting on Images in Groups

This feature is back! To add your two cents to images shared in Groups, just tap on the comment icon. Located in the lower right of the Groups screen, the icon opens a window where you can add your thoughts and read what others have said. You can also like or save these images shared in Groups.

Chat Look and Feel

Timestamps and More Background Options (Including Black!)

In this latest release, we’ve added new date tags to separate messages sent on different days. The tags, like “Yesterday” and “Today” make it easier to reference past chats to find what you’re looking for.


You can also now customize and preview background colors and patterns directly from your chat conversation menus, instead of having to navigate to the Settings screen. Additionally, you can choose black for your background, which wasn’t available previously.

Keyboard Panel Makeover

Both Android and iOS users will notice their chat screen’s cleaner look. We de-cluttered by putting keyboard panel options behind a plus sign. Previously, we had more options on that screen. Now, they’re still just a tap away, but they won’t distract you when you don’t need them. Keyboard panel options include adding media (photo or video), setting the message timer, making an appointment or a list, and sharing a contact, document, event, or your location.

Bold Type for New Chats Only

Previously, every header on your list of chats appeared in bold. Now, only the headers for new chats will appear in bold.

iOS Call Integration

BBM Voice and Video calls will now be better incorporated into the iOS experience because we’ve integrated with the iOS CallingKit. Now, iOS users will receive notifications for BBM calls that look like Phone and FaceTime calls. When you navigate away from a BBM Messenger call to view another app on your iOS device, a green call bar will appear at the top of your screen, letting you get back to your active call with one tap. Voice and Video calls you receive in BBM will also appear in the iOS Phone app as “Recents.”


That’s it for now. Happy 2018 from all of us at BBM Messenger! Be sure to upgrade your favorite messaging app via Google Play or the App Store today, and stay tuned for the next release coming soon!

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