Titanium מרחיבה את ההסכם עם בלקברי לכלל החברה

חברת המשאיות Titanium החליטה להרחיב את ההסכם מול בלקברי בכל מה שנוגע לשירות ה BlackBerry Radar. 2 החברות עובדות ביחד כבר תקופה אך עד כה זה היה במסגרת מצומצת על חלק מהצי, כאשר עכשיו ההסכם יחול על כלל משאיות החברה.

ל Titanium יש כ 1300 משאיות וללא ספק מדובר בהסכם חשוב מאד עבור בלקברי עם ה Radar.

קראו את ההודעה לתקשורת,

Titanium Transportation Group Goes All In with BlackBerry Radar

WATERLOO, ONTARIO and BOLTON, ONTARIO–(Sept. 28, 2017) – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) and Titanium Transportation Group Inc. (TSX VENTURE:TTR) announced today that Titanium has started deploying Radar-L across its fleet of flatbeds. With the addition of Radar-L, BlackBerry's new asset and fleet tracking solution, designed for rapid installation on flatbeds, chassis, containers, heavy machinery, and other valuable transportation or non-powered assets, Titanium's entire fleet now utilizes the BlackBerry Radar platform.

This agreement builds upon Titanium's first deal with BlackBerry, which was signed in December 2016 and included the use of Radar-M devices on approximately 1,200 trailers.

"We like to say that we take a "youthful" approach to an "old" industry. We embrace technology and welcome a modern trailer tracking solution to boost efficiencies and increase our fleet utilization," said Ted Daniel, CEO of Titanium. "We have already seen significant business benefits with our current implementation of BlackBerry Radar, and expect to see bigger improvements in fleet utilization and operational efficiencies now that our entire fleet is on the BlackBerry Radar platform."

"Titanium is an innovative transportation company that recognizes how connected devices and the data they generate can help transform businesses," said Philip Poulidis, SVP and GM of Radar, BlackBerry. "Titanium was an early adopter of our BlackBerry Radar solution, and we are privileged that they have entrusted their entire fleet of trailers and commercial vehicles to the BlackBerry Radar portfolio."

BlackBerry Radar provides real-time information such as load status, temperature, humidity and pressure information, among many other data points, on a single intuitive on-line dashboard. It collects up to 100x more data than conventional GPS-based track and trace solutions, and uses this information to build simple to understand and powerful interactive reports designed specifically for managing fleet. All data is stored securely on a cloud platform, which maintains the privacy of the user information at all times.

To learn more about BlackBerry Radar, please visit www.blackberry.com/radar.

About BlackBerry

BlackBerry is a mobile-native security software and services company dedicated to securing people, devices, processes and systems for today's enterprise. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company was founded in 1984 and operates in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. The Company trades under the ticker symbols "BB" on the Toronto Stock Exchange and "BBRY" on the NASDAQ. For more information, visit www.BlackBerry.com.

About Titanium

Titanium is a leading asset-based transportation and logistics company servicing Canada and the United States, with approximately 400 power units, 1,300 trailers and 500 employees and independent owner operators. Titanium provides truckload, dedicated, and cross-border trucking services, freight logistics, and warehousing and distribution to over 1,000 customers. Titanium is a recognized consolidator of asset-based transportation companies in Ontario, having completed eight asset-based trucking acquisitions since 2011. Titanium has also been ranked by PROFIT magazine as one of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies for nine consecutive years.

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