Tangentia הקנדית חוברת לבלקברי כדי לחבר ולאבטח בעולם ה IOT

חברת Tangentina הקנדית הודיעה ביחד עם בלקברי של שיתוף פעולה שיאפשר ל Tangentina להוסיף לסל הפתרונות שלה עבור הלקוחות גם את המוצרים של בלקברי. Tangentina היא חברת ייעוץ טכנולוגיה אשר מתמחה בסגירת פערים בחברות באופן יעיל עבור הלקוחות שלה.

קראו את ההודעה לתקשורת :

Tangentia Partners with BlackBerry to Connect, Secure and Mobilize Enterprises in Canada

Toronto, ON, April 19, 2017 – Tangentia Inc. today announced it is partnering with BlackBerry to connect, secure and mobilize enterprises in Canada. As a BlackBerry partner, Tangentia gains the advanced skills needed to remain at the forefront of technology while also enhancing its portfolio with the most trusted secure solutions on the market.

Market demand for security is shifting from the network of computers to the network of endpoints. These endpoints represent the Enterprise of Things (EoT), which is a collection of devices, computers, sensors, trackers, equipment and other “things.” BlackBerry is addressing EoT with its BlackBerry Secure platform, which ultimately helps companies manage and secure their devices and connected things, as well as communications for all messaging and file types.

Tangentia understands the challenges companies are facing to secure their enterprise platforms across all endpoints, apps and the cloud. With Tangentia’s ongoing commitment to developing deep expertise in provisioning and deployment of the latest enterprise software security solutions, companies are better prepared against cyberthreats at every level of the organization.

“We’re very excited to help our clients in retail, banking and government sectors be BlackBerry Secure. As a BlackBerry partner, we can help reduce the complexities of business without sacrificing security,” said Vijay Thomas, Managing Partner of Tangentia.“

The BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program is designed to help partners navigate the ever-changing mobile business environment through secure mobile business solutions for their people, processes and data. It helps partners gain new competencies and capabilities that will enable them to meet and exceed market demand, by ensuring partners are well equipped to successfully design, architect, implement and support BlackBerry solutions. Authorized partners are enabled for base level resell of the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite, have access to significant benefits and may advance to a Gold or Platinum tier upon adhering to the program requirements.

To learn more about Tangentia solutions utilizing BlackBerry security software and services please visit tangentia.com/BlackBerrySecurity.

About Tangentia

Tangentia is a leading boutique consulting, technology and outsourcing firm with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can bridge the most challenging technology gaps while creating significant cost efficiencies and competitive advantage across an organization and its supply chain. A Premier Partner of IBM, Tangentia’ s areas of focus include e-Commerce, B2B & EDI, Enterprise & Cloud Security (IAM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Infrastructure & Cloud Integration, Business Analytics (BA) and Application Development across multiple industries like Banking & Financial Services & Insurance(BFSI), Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG),Telecom, Healthcare and Government. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Tangentia has associates and ecosystem partners operating globally, with a presence in 5 continents and 30+ countries, offering a “think global, act local” solutions approach.

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